WINDOW KOSAK alu A+ (f4)

The window comes from a classic window profile only, that this window has an aluminium coating on the outside. The combination of aluminium and wood contributes to the durability of the product. The window is protected from the outside by an aluminium coating, which prevents the window from deteriorating. On the inside, this window creates a wooden look and a warmth, that only wood can produce.


GLASS: Three-layer insulated glass with thermal spacer. By choosing glass, we have to decide for the most appropriate acoustic and thermal transmittance.
FRAMEWORK: It enables one-hand opening along the horizontal and vertical axis. We use the framework of a renowned German manufacturer.
WOOD: Three-layer laminated wood of the highest quality, without visible length joints of 78 mm thick, is used. Most of our products are made from larch or spruce. When choosing wood, we adapt to the wishes of the investor.
SURFACE TREATMENT: For surface treatment, we use the Remmers system, which, due to the four times application, provides the greatest protection against external factors. The customer can choose the colour according to our samples or the RAL colour scale.
SEAL: High quality plastic seals are installed in the windows. The characteristic of such seals is to remain flexible for a longer period of time than seals made on the basis of rubber.
ALU COATING: The purpose of the aluminium coating is to protect the window from decaying. The choice of alu coatings is varied, since each has its own design. Thus, windows can be adapted to the building's guidelines.
0,7 W/m2K Ug
1,3 W/m2K Uf
1,0 W/m2K Uw
78 mm Thickness

Eco subsidy

Our products achieve all needed standards for the Eco subsidies. Customers can receive a subsidy for renovations and new buildings. We provide all the documentation customers need, to apply to Eko sklad (Eco fund).

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