An integrated panoramic system can consist of sliding, fixed or opening elements.

Differences between the classic and the integrated version are:

• The biggest difference and at the same time the advantage of the integrated design is the quick assembly of the sub-assembly which defines all the parameters for continuing the work on the object, e.g. with plaster, pavement, ceiling, facades etc.
• Glass and other visible elements are installed after finishing masonry, which prevents the frequency of damage.
• Fixed glass is ingrained in the floor and in the ceiling, which provides an open view without visible profiles.
• For sliding elements there is no need for massive aluminium thresholds, sliding tracks on the top and bottom are enough. This helps to get a good juncture between the external and internal pavement.

We have been implementing such a system of installing fixed glass in ingrained aluminium profiles since 2005. During this time, we have gained a lot of experience in the field of assembly and design itself. That is why we are a step ahead of the competition.
Our profiles have interrupted thermal bridges in order to achieve high isolation values. Hidden profiles can be installed independently or in combination with other elements (e.g. windows, balcony doors or sliding wall). Wherever a fixed glass is planned, we can use our system.

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