We are a family company with more than 50 years of experience in the field of joinery.

Our vision is to become the most successful and innovative company in our profession. We are focused on the Slovenian and foreign markets, where we aim to expand with existing and new products. We always adapt to the wishes and needs of our customers.

All of our employees believe in the philosophy of the company and are aware of the responsibilities they are entrusted with. They know that their good work contributes to the excellence of the product and the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Innovation and team work are key to the success of our company, so we are ready to listen to every member of the company.
The added value that our company brings on the market and our mission is our program of controlled fittings. Our programme is based on high quality non-series production. Window profiles can be adapted to the details of the installation on the building and to the wishes of customers and architects. Consequently, each project is unique, and can rarely be found on any other object.

In cooperation with the most influential architects, we have so far equipped facilities that have received the highest awards in the field of architecture at home and abroad.

Photo: Borut Peterlin, Škoda Slovenija.
Background Story

In 1962, Jože Košak, father of Bojan Košak, started his own trade. The cellar of his residential house was transformed into a small workshop that had the most basic joinery machines. From the beginning, Jože was engaged in the production of solid furniture, later he focused on the production of windows and doors.

Background Story

In 1985, the Jože's trade was successfully taken over by his son Bojan, who brought the trade to the next level. The company moved from the basement of the residential house to the neighbouring plot. There they built a much larger workshop and a company that already had four employees at that time.

Background Story

In 1997, the company of Bojan Košak and his wife Polonca had sixteen employees. The workshop was upgraded over the years, according to the needs of the company. At that time, the company managed to penetrate the market of Russia and the former Yugoslavia.

Background Story

As his father did from generation to generation, Bojan Košak also managed to pass on the joy of working with wood to his son Anže. Anže is already fully involved in the family business and thus represents the third generation of joiners in our company.

Background Story

After years of economic crisis, the company expanded again. At the location of the residential house, we built a new window showroom, which nowadays is a very important asset. After years of trying, we managed to penetrate the German and Austrian market, which represent half of our annual turnover.

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